"If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it."

-Damon Salvatore

I love to sing! I love writing fanfics and now I'm writing my own thing. I hate haters! I miss Veronica Mars, and I seriously hope it becomes a movie! I'm a high school graduate. And yeah college didn't work so well for me....lol
I love music, especially K-pop! I am a big blackjack and a sone! I also like some others like teh brown eyed girls, t-ara, shinee, 4minute, hyuna, taeyang, and g.d and top! I also like rock, pop, r&b, rap, and country. I love rockin out to taylor swift in my room lol! I love Evanescence too!
I love watching the vampire diaries. I LOVE Damon Salvatore and Klaus and Tyler Lockwood (yum!). I also like the secret circle, glee, american horror story, the walking dead, storage wars, lizard lick towing, etc.